Arhivele lunare: Mai 2014



Beware of the ones who live just to smile
Beware of the sins that force you to lie
Beware of the time which makes you feel old
Beware of the night which breakes in dawn.
Beware of your conscious which never sleeps
Beware of the soul which you once sold cheap.

Beware of the love which has no bed
Beware of the bird which forgott its nest.
Beware of the voice which sings in the dark
Beware of the eyes which tell no story
Beware of the star who lost its glory.
Beware of a doctor with a soul and a brain
Beware of the pills that can’t take the pain.


Lumi luminate si bestii in bezne.
Lumini ce se nasc in intunericuri sterse 
Fara un soare, doar cu lanterne inchise
Ne cufundam voit in abisuri deschise
De minti luminate si de suflete stinse.

Radiem credinta palpand pacate
Pe care le stergem cu  radiera si nu prin fapte curate.
Pretindem iertare, dar nu traim acea stare.
Evoluand mental prin regres spiritual.

Lumi neluminate