Son(s) of goodbye


I feel like leaving ,

but i need to stay

Another minute, another day,

Time is so coward

Runs away.

It doesn’t want to understand

That everything will stop one day.

Our life, our lie, our heart..

Our hope will leave us

The land will miss us

But we’ll die.

Too late to have regrets

and cry

Too soon to spread our angel wings

and fly.

Yesterday passed

Tommorow floats

Today covers our heart in clothes.

And we forgett the mornings to wake up

To wait the night

And make a prayer,

To be hold tight.

‘Cause now we have to leave

Please don’t forgett us

Still belive in

And forgive…

This sons of goodbye..


Despre mariaderomania

Sunt o oarecare şi-mi trăiesc anonimatul. Cred că ziua de maine nu este cea de ieri. Ar fi o listă lungă de lucruri care nu-mi plac, dar cel mai mult detest imitația proastă. Nu-mi plac cei care trăiesc după regulile altora pentru că viața o văd ca pe ceva mai mult decat un teatru de păpuşi.

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